Joe Biden's permanent vacation: Letters to the Editor

06:25 09.09.2023

A recent poll has revealed that two-thirds of Democrats believe President Joe Biden is too old to serve a second term. However, some critics argue that it is not just his age that is the problem, but also his lack of expertise in domestic and foreign affairs. Raymond Fontana from Westbrook, Connecticut, asserts that Biden has never been a scholar or an intellectual visionary, but rather a skilled campaigner who has deceived his constituents throughout his political career. Fontana argues that Biden's 40-plus years of lying and stealing from the American public will ultimately lead to his disgrace.

On the other hand, Sharon Austry from Fort Worth, Texas, expresses her support for Biden's reelection, despite his age. Austry values honesty, kindness, and empathy in a president, qualities she believes Biden possesses. She criticizes former President Donald Trump, accusing him of hating democracy and supporting dictators, and expresses her confusion as to why any American would consider voting for him.

However, not all Democrats are convinced by Biden's candidacy. Judy Gail Krasnow from Jackson, Michigan, reveals her disillusionment with the Democratic Party, stating that she and many other disenchanted Democrats cannot bring themselves to vote for Biden. She criticizes the party for not offering alternative candidates and expresses concerns about Biden's senility, alleged corruption, and the potential repercussions of Vice President Kamala Harris taking over in the case of disability.

The issue of age in politics is also raised by Dennis Fitzgerald from Melbourne, Australia. Fitzgerald suggests implementing mental-competency tests for politicians over the age of 75, arguing that it is essential to assess their mental acuity, moral fiber, and honesty. He believes that retirement ages exist in many occupations to ensure people can enjoy their lives before age-related decline affects their ability to perform their jobs effectively.

Another contributor, Kevin Judge from Naples, Florida, echoes the sentiment that Biden's age is a legitimate concern. Judge claims that Biden's actions and speeches indicate a mental decline, and the fact that a third of Democrats do not see it as a problem is even more alarming to him.

Bunny Abraham from Manhattan defends Biden against criticisms solely based on age, arguing that age itself is not the issue. Instead, Abraham believes that Biden's problem lies in his illness and the brain problem she perceives in him. She accuses Biden of issuing directives that are damaging the country, suggesting that there may be hidden forces controlling the White House.

The New York Post also reports on President Biden's vacation habits, emphasizing that he has spent 40% of his time in office on vacation. Critics, such as Betsy Flor from Putnam Valley, argue that Biden's absence is not only physical but also cognitive. Flor suggests that his role as a leader is a farce and accuses him of neglecting areas affected by disasters while enjoying luxurious vacations. She argues that his press secretary spins lies about the border issue and the economy, and that being a Biden means things are never as they seem.

Warren Goldfein from Mount Arlington, New Jersey, criticizes Biden's avoidance of the media during his vacations, claiming that it allows him to hide his confusion and verbal gaffes. However, Goldfein suggests that this strategy may not work for his potential reelection campaign, as he will not be able to hide from public scrutiny in the same way.

Arnold Mazur from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, takes a different perspective, arguing that the more Biden neglects working, the less likely he is to cause harm to the nation. He suggests that Biden's avoidance of work is actually a positive thing, as it prevents him from making damaging decisions.

The Post also highlights Biden's failure to address a train crash in East Palestine, Ohio, where toxic chemicals were spilled into the surrounding area. David F. Lipton from Toms River, New Jersey, accuses Biden of lying about not having the occasion to visit the affected area and suggests that this lie should win the PolitiFact "Lie of the Year" award.

Critics further compare Biden's vacations to controversies surrounding other politicians, such as Justice Clarence Thomas, who has faced scrutiny for his vacation choices. Mary Ann Pizzi from East Hanover, New Jersey, questions who is monitoring the country while Biden is on vacation, arguing that being the president demands full attention and dedication.

Overall, these contributions from various individuals highlight the ongoing debate surrounding President Biden's age, vacation habits, and cognitive abilities. While some Democrats remain supportive of Biden, others express disillusionment and concerns about his suitability for a second term. The issue of age in politics is also raised, with suggestions for mental-competency tests for elderly politicians. Critics argue that Biden's vacations and potential cognitive decline may hinder his ability to effectively govern the country.

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