Escaped U.K. terror suspect caught after daring prison break

08:10 09.09.2023

Terrorism suspect Daniel Khalife has been captured by London's Metropolitan Police after his escape from a London-area prison. The escape, which officials have deemed as 'pre-planned', has raised concerns about security measures within the prison and has prompted calls for its closure. Khalife, who had been discharged from the army in May, was awaiting trial for charges including obtaining information useful to an enemy and making a bomb hoax. He managed to escape from His Majesty's Prison Wandsworth by strapping himself under a food delivery van, which he had access to due to his position in the prison's kitchen. The presence of straps under the van suggests that Khalife may have received inside help. The police chief has acknowledged the possibility of assistance from prison staff or other inmates.

As the search for Khalife intensified, authorities focused their efforts on Richmond Park in southwest London, where officers combed the area overnight and into the morning. However, no confirmed sightings of Khalife have been reported. The police have warned that Khalife, a former soldier, may be skilled at evading capture due to his military background. Detectives believe that he may still be wearing his prison-issued cook's uniform.

The escape has raised questions about the security protocols and decisions at Wandsworth prison, which was already considered a "serious concern" by a watchdog group prior to the incident. Critics argue that the prison should be closed, citing staffing shortages and previous escape incidents. The Secretary of State for Justice has announced an immediate investigation into the prison's protocols and decisions regarding Khalife's escape. The catering supplier for prisons in the area, Bidfood, has acknowledged a "security incident" involving one of its vehicles, indicating a potential breach in the system.

Daniel Khalife, who is accused of trying to gather sensitive information to pass to Iran, is set to face trial in November for his crimes. The capture of Khalife has been hailed as a success by the Metropolitan Police, who thanked the public and media for their support. The investigation into Khalife's escape continues, with authorities determined to ensure that he faces justice for his actions.

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