Coco Gauff Triumphs at US Open with Playful Roast, Clapback at Haters

00:01 10.09.2023

In a stunning turn of events, 19-year-old Coco Gauff emerged victorious in the U.S. Open final on Saturday, securing her first-ever Grand Slam title. After a shaky start, losing the first set to Aryna Sabalenka, Gauff managed to rally back and claim victory with a score of 2-6, 6-3, 6-2. The crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium was electrified as Gauff displayed an incredible level of energy and determination, matching the enthusiasm of her supporters and even surpassing it. With each powerful shot, Gauff's fist clenched in a gesture of triumph and conviction.

Gauff's victory was not only a personal triumph but also a response to those who had doubted her abilities. In her post-match interview, she took the opportunity to address her critics. Reflecting on her recent wins at the Washington and Cincinnati Opens, Gauff expressed gratitude towards those who had doubted her, stating, "Honestly, thank you to the people who didn't believe in're really adding gas to [my fire]. And now I'm really burning so bright right now." Gauff's resilience and determination were evident as she refused to let setbacks define her career.

Despite the doubts cast upon her, Gauff received an outpouring of support from the New York crowd and prominent figures in the tennis world. Tennis greats, including six-time U.S. Open champion Serena Williams, and even former President Barack Obama, took to social media to express their admiration for Gauff's achievements. This support, coupled with her historic win, further solidifies Gauff's status as a rising star in American tennis.

Throughout the match, it became evident that Gauff was in control. After losing the first set, she found her rhythm and began carrying the play. Sabalenka, initially overpowering Gauff, struggled to maintain her dominance in the third set. Gauff's relentless running and agility allowed her to keep points alive, ultimately leading to her victory. She broke Sabalenka four times in her final seven service games, demonstrating her unwavering determination and skill.

Gauff's win holds a significant place in tennis history, as she becomes the youngest American U.S. Open champion since Serena Williams claimed the title in 1999, also at the age of 19. The road to victory was not without its obstacles, as Gauff faced disappointment after being eliminated in the first round of Wimbledon earlier in the summer. However, she rebounded from this setback by claiming titles at the Washington and Cincinnati Opens, proving her resilience and talent.

The emotional aspect of Gauff's victory was palpable, not only for herself but also for her family. As she celebrated her win, Gauff shared touching moments with her parents and coaches in the stands. Her father, Corey, was particularly emotional, shedding tears of pride and joy. Gauff playfully acknowledged this during her post-match interview, stating, "Today was the first time I've seen my dad cry...He thinks he's so hard, but [he's] not." Gauff's parents, both accomplished athletes themselves, have played a pivotal role in her success. They have been her unwavering support system, guiding her throughout her career and providing invaluable encouragement.

As Gauff basks in the glory of her U.S. Open victory, her future seems limitless. With her unwavering passion, skill, and the support of her family and fans, she is poised to become a dominant force in the world of tennis. The sky truly is the limit for this young American star.

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