Chicago Police Officers Hospitalized and Shoot Dog Amidst Alleged Attack

20:48 10.09.2023

In a shocking incident that unfolded in Chicago's West Garfield Park neighborhood on Sunday, Chicago police shot a dog after three officers were allegedly bitten. The encounter occurred around 11:30 a.m. in a building on West Wilcox Avenue, where officers were conducting an unknown investigation. The situation took a turn for the worse when a female suspect attempted to intervene, leading an unknown person to unleash two dogs on the officers.

According to the Chicago Police Department, three officers sustained dog bites during the attack. In response, one of the officers resorted to using his firearm and struck one of the dogs. However, eyewitnesses from the neighborhood have come forward to dispute the police's account of the incident. They claim that the dogs were not acting aggressively and did not deserve the use of force.

Brenda Cunningham, a neighbor who lives next door to the dogs' owner, revealed that the police had just detained one of her sons when they ventured near the property where the dogs resided. As the commotion unfolded, the neighbor and his two dogs came outside to see what was happening. This apparently sparked fear in the officers, who aggressively tried to apprehend the dogs.

Cunningham recounted the events, stating, "When the dogs came outside, the police got aggressive: 'Get the dogs, get the dogs.' They are grabbing the dogs. There are two dogs there. They are all grabbing the dogs. The dogs never got aggressive with these officers... The dog did not one time go after the officer to bite him or anything like that, ma'am. No, he did not. That officer just pulled out his gun and shot twice."

Another neighbor corroborated the claim, asserting that the dog was shot in the face during the incident. The injured canine was subsequently taken to animal care and control, although its current condition remains unclear.

Meanwhile, the three officers who were bitten by the dogs were swiftly taken to a nearby hospital and are reported to be in good condition, according to the Chicago Police Department. As for the female suspect who attempted to intervene, she was arrested at the scene, although the specific charges against her are yet to be disclosed.

The Chicago Police Department has launched an active investigation into the incident, seeking to uncover the full details surrounding the events that transpired on that fateful morning. At this time, no additional information has been released, leaving the public eager for answers and clarity regarding the actions taken by the officers and the circumstances that led to the shooting of the dog.

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