Hawaii lawmaker slams Biden for 'slap in the face' visit to Maui

01:46 11.09.2023

President Biden Criticized for Comments and Actions During Visit to Maui

State House Minority Leader Diamond Garcia, a Republican from Hawaii, has voiced strong criticism of President Biden's recent trip to the island of Maui. Garcia accused Biden of disrespecting the local community by making insensitive comments and appearing to fall asleep during a memorial service for fire victims.

Garcia expressed the community's disappointment with Biden's initial response to the devastating fires that struck Lahaina, leaving over 100 dead and the city leveled. The President had given a "no comment" response to reporters when asked about the fires while vacationing in Delaware. According to Garcia, when Biden finally visited Hawaii, he only stayed for less than six hours, which further upset the locals.

During his brief visit, Biden toured the affected areas, held a press conference, and attended an event with families who had lost everything. However, Garcia claimed that Biden struggled to pronounce the names of local officials during his speech, which was seen as a lack of respect for the community. Garcia also alleged that the President fell asleep during the event while families poured out their hearts and shared their experiences.

A video clip of the event circulated, showing Biden with his head bowed and his arms crossed. Some viewers claimed he appeared to be dozing off, while others argued that his eyes remained open, suggesting he was still alert. Regardless, Garcia lamented that the President's behavior was inappropriate for a leader, given the gravity of the situation.

Garcia highlighted the frustration among Hawaiians, who feel like "second-class citizens" despite being American citizens. He criticized the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) pledge of $700 per household as insufficient support for the affected families. Garcia also pointed out that the criticisms of Biden were not a partisan issue, as Hawaii is a heavily Democratic state, with a strong majority in the legislature.

In addition to Garcia's criticism, East Palestine Ohio Republican Mayor Trent Conaway also expressed disappointment in Biden's handling of a disaster situation. Conaway claimed that months after a derailment caused a toxic situation in Ohio and Pennsylvania, the President had shown a lack of urgency in addressing the issue. While Conaway stated that Biden would be welcomed if he decided to visit the recovering community, he emphasized that it would be seen as "a little too late."

Overall, the visit to Maui has garnered significant criticism for President Biden, with accusations of insensitivity, lack of respect, and a failure to provide adequate federal support to those affected by the devastating fires.

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