New Mexico Republicans and Liberals Clash Over Governor's Gun Order

07:09 11.09.2023

In a surprising turn of events, Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Democratic Representative Ted Lieu found common ground on a gun issue. Lieu, a California Democrat, took to Twitter to express his disagreement with New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's decision to temporarily suspend open and concealed carry across Albuquerque under an emergency health order. Lieu argued that the order violated the U.S. Constitution and that there was no exception for a state public health emergency.

Grisham's decision to suspend open and concealed carry laws in Bernalillo County for at least 30 days came in response to a string of tragic shootings involving young children. The governor stated that "the time for standard measures has passed" and that something needed to be done to address the rising violence.

However, Grisham faced backlash from members of her own party, including gun control activist David Hogg, who agreed with Lieu that the order violated the Constitution. Hogg also questioned the governor's reasoning for the temporary ban, stating that it did not hold water.

Grisham's press secretary, Caroline Sweeney, defended the order, stating that it did not suspend the Constitution but instead state laws that fell under the governor's jurisdiction. Sweeney criticized Lieu and Hogg, calling them naysayers who offered no real solutions to the issue of gun violence.

Undeterred, Lieu responded to Grisham's invitation to join a police academy class to help "curb gun violence" with a statement reaffirming his belief that there was no exception to the Constitution for a state public health emergency.

Conservatives and social media commenters mocked Grisham for losing support from two prominent liberals who champion gun control. Meanwhile, Republican Representatives Stefani Lord and John Block called for Grisham's impeachment, claiming that her order was an attempt to impose a radical agenda on unwilling residents.

Second Amendment groups, including the National Association for Gun Rights and the NRA, also criticized the order as a violation of constitutional rights. They argued that Grisham should focus on addressing crime through tougher policies rather than banning guns.

Grisham's classification of the order as an emergency public health measure did little to appease critics. Lord accused the governor of being a "rogue governor" who violated her oath to uphold the Constitution. Block argued that there was no such thing as a state public health emergency exception to the Constitution and accused Grisham of targeting law-abiding citizens.

The National Association for Gun Rights and a resident of Albuquerque filed a lawsuit against Grisham and New Mexico's Secretary of Health, Patrick Allen, claiming that the emergency order was unconstitutional. They requested a temporary restraining order to be issued.

Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen expressed concerns about the temporary ban, stating that it challenged the foundations of the Constitution and placed his deputies in potentially conflicting positions.

As the debate surrounding Grisham's order continues, it remains to be seen how the legal challenges and political fallout will unfold.

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