Ohio murder suspect killed in West Virginia hostage standoff

15:52 11.09.2023

In a tragic turn of events, a manhunt for a murder suspect came to a dramatic end in a hostage standoff at a gas station in Ceredo, West Virginia. The suspect, David Maynard, 54, had been wanted in connection with the murder of his stepfather in Ohio. West Virginia State Police reported that Maynard was found at a Speedway gas station in Ceredo, which is located near the Ohio River.

The incident unfolded when a sergeant stopping at the gas station recognized Maynard, who was standing behind the counter. Maynard, armed with a pistol, pointed it at the sergeant, prompting the arrival of a State Police Special Response Team, along with local law enforcement and a negotiator. The negotiator managed to successfully secure the release of two hostages before Maynard requested that a blanket be placed at the door for the third hostage.

However, the standoff took a tragic turn when Maynard "exited the door and engaged" with law enforcement, leading officers to open fire on him. Maynard was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital but succumbed to his injuries. Fortunately, the third hostage was safely secured, and no officers were harmed during the incident.

The events leading up to the standoff had triggered a multistate manhunt. On Friday, police in Ironton, Ohio, responded to a shots-fired call and discovered a 29-year-old woman tied up with cords, and Maynard's 78-year-old stepfather dead. Maynard then went on to commit multiple carjackings in Kentucky, abducting two women at separate points. One of the victims managed to free herself and call 911 after driving to safety. Maynard then made off with both of their cars, intensifying the search for him.

The conclusion of this unsettling series of events has left the community in shock. The West Virginia State Police, Kenova Police Chief Bob Sullivan, and the State Police Special Response Team all played critical roles in resolving the hostage situation. However, many questions still remain unanswered, as authorities have yet to release further details about the incident.

The residents of Kenova, West Virginia, were on high alert as Maynard was spotted in the area late on Saturday. A shelter-in-place order was issued as police worked tirelessly to locate and apprehend the suspect. The tense atmosphere in the community highlights the fear and uncertainty that surrounded Maynard's presence.

As the news of this tragic event spread, many express their condolences to the families affected by Maynard's actions. It serves as a reminder of the danger that can lurk within communities, and the importance of law enforcement in maintaining safety and order. The investigation into these incidents continues, as authorities work to uncover any additional information that may shed light on the motive behind these shocking crimes.

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