Conflicting Desires: Daughter Battles Postpartum Depression, Husband Pushes for Another Baby

05:00 14.09.2023

In a recent Dear Abby column, two individuals seek advice on their personal dilemmas. The first letter, titled "Destination Unknown in New Jersey," comes from a woman who is engaged and is having difficulty setting a wedding date due to arguments with her fiance. She explains that these arguments are actually normal relationship issues, but her fiance shuts down and clams up instead of communicating. She is afraid that if she expresses her feelings, he won't want to set a date at all. Dear Abby suggests that the couple seek premarital counseling to address their communication issues and ensure a healthy relationship before setting a wedding date.

The second letter, titled "Still Staying Sober," comes from an individual who is a recovering alcoholic. They have been sober for over 12 years but have been struggling with their mother's treatment towards them. The mother constantly reminds them of past mistakes and accusations, even though they have provided proof of their sobriety. The constant belittling from their mother has led to a decline in their mental health and confidence. The writer has tried cutting their mother out of their life but faces difficulty as their mother is close to another family member they live with. They are seeking advice on how to handle this toxic relationship. Dear Abby advises them to distance themselves from their toxic mother whenever she shows up and involve themselves with her as little as possible for the sake of their sobriety and sanity.

Moving on to the third letter, titled "Traumatized in Alabama," a concerned grandmother writes in about her daughter who experienced severe postpartum depression after giving birth five years ago. The daughter's husband is now pressuring her to have another child, causing anxiety and fear for both the grandmother and the daughter. The grandmother is worried that her daughter's husband has forgotten the traumatic experience they went through with postpartum depression. Feeling caught between her mother's concerns and her husband's desires, the daughter seeks advice on how to handle the situation. Dear Abby suggests that the daughter consult with her doctor regarding another pregnancy and take guidance from someone in the medical field who understands her history.

Lastly, the fourth letter, titled "Clean Break in New Jersey," comes from an individual who describes their father as a narcissist and pathological liar. The father recently fell and had to be hospitalized, where it was discovered that he had lied to his landlord about serving in the military and had caused significant damage to the house due to hoarding. The father is emotionally abusive and only cares about others if they can help him make money, leaving him with no money and no friends. The final straw was when the father demanded to be taken into their house or he would "kill himself." Despite the disabled father's plea, the writer decided to disassociate themselves from him for good. They question whether it is selfish to cut ties with such a toxic family member. Dear Abby assures them that it is completely acceptable to disassociate from someone who lies, steals glory, and uses others.

Overall, these letters address various personal struggles, from communication issues in a relationship to dealing with a toxic family member. Dear Abby provides advice and suggestions on how to navigate these challenging situations in order to prioritize mental health and well-being.

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