'We did not know what they were doing': Ruby Franke's sisters share new video statements

10:38 15.09.2023

In a shocking turn of events, Ruby Franke, a well-known mom and YouTube influencer, has been arrested on six counts of aggravated child abuse. Franke, who gained popularity through her online parenting videos on the channel "8 Passengers," was taken into custody on August 30th, along with her business partner and neighbor, Jodi Hildebrandt. The arrest followed an incident where one of Franke's children, a 12-year-old boy, managed to escape through a window and seek help from a neighbor, who then contacted the police. This child was found with duct tape on his ankles and wrists, along with signs of malnutrition and deep lacerations from being tied up with rope, according to court documents.

Further investigations revealed that another one of Franke's children, a 10-year-old girl, was also found to be malnourished. As a result, all six children have been taken into the custody of Utah's Division of Child and Family Services. The charges against Franke and Hildebrandt include multiple physical injuries or torture, starvation or malnutrition endangering life, and severe emotional harm to the children.

The arrest of Franke has left her family shocked and devastated. In videos uploaded to their respective YouTube channels, Franke's sisters, Julie Griffiths Deru and Bonnie Hoellein, detailed their separation from Franke and their efforts to reconnect with her children. Both sisters expressed their disbelief and stated that they were unaware of Franke's alleged actions. They revealed that Franke had cut off contact with the family about three years ago, causing significant distress to their mother, who suffered a heart attack and kidney failure as a result.

Moreover, Franke's sisters mentioned that even before the separation, the extended family had expressed concerns about Franke's business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, and her company, ConneXions Classroom. They felt uncomfortable with Hildebrandt's teachings and were close to informing Franke that her involvement with ConneXions was not welcomed at family events. However, they never had the chance to voice their concerns before Franke distanced herself from the family.

Both sisters maintained that they had made efforts to reconnect with Franke's children when they reached adulthood, forming a close and strong relationship with them. They insisted that they had done everything legally possible to ensure the safety of Franke's children, despite criticism from some who claimed they could have done more.

The sisters also expressed disappointment and criticized Franke's husband, Kevin Franke, for his lack of involvement. They claimed that Kevin Franke had cut off contact with both the extended family and his own family. They held him responsible for failing to check in on the situation and allowing the turmoil caused by Ruby Franke, Jodi Hildebrandt, and ConneXions to continue for the past three years.

In conclusion, this distressing case has shaken the online parenting community and left many questioning how such abuse could go unnoticed for so long. The investigation continues, and Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt face the possibility of a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for their alleged crimes. The sisters of Ruby Franke vow to support and advocate for Franke's children, determined to bring positivity and brightness back into their lives after enduring such a traumatic experience.

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