Brother-in-law's inappropriate photo and wife's unsettling bond with son, concerns raised

03:11 16.09.2023

In a series of letters to Dear Abby, readers have shared their personal struggles and seek advice on their various predicaments. The first letter comes from a person in Indiana who expresses concern about their stepson's behavior. The stepson, who has Asperger's syndrome, exhibits affectionate gestures towards his mother every day, such as stroking her hair and massaging her neck and shoulders. While the stepmother finds these actions creepy, she acknowledges that it may be a result of his condition. Dear Abby responds by stating that these gestures could simply be acts of affection and advises the stepmother to stop reading too much into it.

The second letter is written by a hurt and sad sister who is upset that her sister is hiding her relationship with a childhood friend. The sister believes that her sister has influenced the friend to cut off their friendship. She also mentions that their mother is covering for her sister. Seeking advice on whether to address the situation, Abby suggests that the hurt sister should talk to her sister and clear the air, wishing them well in their relationship.

The third letter comes from someone in the South who is irked by their husband's lack of concern when they experienced a severe coughing spell. Despite having COPD, the husband did not check on them or offer any assistance until much later. The person wonders if they are making too big of a deal out of it. Abby responds by acknowledging the husband's insensitivity and suggests that they communicate their needs to him before the next coughing fit occurs.

Moving on to another letter, a man in Arizona seeks advice on how to deal with his brother-in-law, who constantly tries to sabotage his marriage. The brother-in-law makes inappropriate comments, propositions the man, and even sends him explicit pictures. The man is frustrated that his husband always takes his brother's side. Abby suggests that couples counseling may help the husband to see his brother's behavior clearly. In the meantime, she advises the man to avoid spending time with his brother-in-law and never be alone in a room with him.

In the next letter, a 26-year-old person from South Carolina expresses their desire to have more friends but finds it difficult to make connections. They have struggled with popularity throughout their life and want tips on becoming someone others want to be around. Abby advises them to be kind, tactful, and to give compliments when deserved. She also suggests being well-groomed, staying informed about current events, and being a good listener. Abby recommends her booklet, "How To Be Popular," which provides further guidance on social skills.

In this collection of letters, readers open up about their personal challenges, seeking guidance from Dear Abby. Whether it's dealing with family dynamics, health concerns, or social difficulties, Abby offers advice and perspective to help them navigate their situations.

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