Oregon embraces psilocybin therapy, licenses centers for thousands

10:38 16.09.2023

In a groundbreaking move, the state of Oregon has become the first in America to offer psilocybin, commonly known as magic mushrooms, to the public. This unprecedented step comes as Epic Healing Eugene, the country's first licensed psilocybin service center, opened its doors in June. Since then, the center has garnered immense attention, with a waitlist of over 3,000 names, consisting of individuals struggling with depression, PTSD, and end-of-life dread. Oregon's decision to legalize psilocybin without the need for a prescription or referral has sparked hopes of a revolution in mental health care.

It is worth noting that individuals do not need to reside in Oregon to access psilocybin services but must be 21 years of age or older, according to the Oregon Psilocybin Services. Furthermore, a preparation session with a licensed facilitator is required before undergoing the psychedelic experience. The facilitator ensures the safety of the client and has the authority to deny access to those with active psychosis, thoughts of harming others, or recent use of lithium, a medication used to treat mania. Additionally, clients are not permitted to purchase mushrooms for personal use and are required to remain at the service center until the effects of the drug wear off.

Oregon's move towards psilocybin legalization follows similar initiatives in other states. Colorado voters approved the regulated use of psychedelic mushrooms starting in 2024, while California's legislature recently passed a measure allowing the possession and use of certain plant- and mushroom-based psychedelics. The California measure aims to develop guidelines for therapeutic use under the supervision of health officials.

The Oregon Psilocybin Services Section, responsible for regulating the state's psilocybin industry, has received an overwhelming number of inquiries from around the world. Angela Allbee, the agency's manager, stated that early feedback from clients has been positive. However, it is still too early to assess the full impact of mushroom legalization in Oregon.

The Oregon Psychiatric Physicians Association voiced its opposition to Oregon's 2020 ballot measure legalizing psilocybin, citing concerns over safety and misleading promises to those struggling with mental illness. Despite this opposition, the agency remains committed to prioritizing safety and ensuring that psychedelic mushrooms are provided in a controlled environment.

In addition to psilocybin, Oregon has been at the forefront of drug-law reform. The state was the first to decriminalize marijuana possession and one of the earliest to legalize its recreational use. However, the regulated marijuana industry has faced challenges due to oversupply, and drug decriminalization has not had the intended impact on addiction treatment or reducing overdoses.

While Epic Healing Eugene has attracted significant attention, other service centers are also experiencing an increase in business as awareness spreads. Omnia Group Ashland, which opened recently, already has a prospective client list of 150. Lucid Cradle in Bend, owned by Jeanette Small, plans to see only one client per week to provide personalized attention and is booked through December.

Despite the success and growing demand for psilocybin services, there have been some concerns. The cost of accessing these services has been criticized as too high, but industry insiders expect prices to decrease as more businesses enter the market. Currently, clients may end up paying over $2,000, covering service center expenses, facilitator fees, and lab-tested psilocybin. Annual licenses for service centers and growers cost $10,000, with a discount for veterans. The agency has also mandated that every licensee work towards social equity goals, with some already implementing sliding-scale price models.

Cathy Jonas, the owner of Epic Healing Eugene, acknowledges that it may take time for the service center to become profitable. She views providing legal access to psychedelic mushrooms as a calling, driven by messages from the plant medicines themselves. Jonas has decided to offer a maximum dose of 35 milligrams, as she found a 35-milligram sample of pure psilocybin to be incredibly powerful. One of her clients described a transformative experience that involved a sense of dying and being reborn, as well as a rapid review of significant life events.

Gared Hansen, a licensed grower, has transitioned from his previous career as a police officer to running Uptown Fungus, a psilocybin-growing operation. He emphasizes the importance of obtaining mushrooms from regulated sources rather than the black market, as there are risks associated with obtaining psilocybin alone and without proper guidance. Service centers provide controlled environments and measured doses, ensuring the safety and well-being of clients.

While Oregon's psilocybin program is still in its early stages, it has generated significant interest and has the potential to revolutionize mental health care. The state is poised to become a global leader in the field, with millions of dollars in taxpayer funding supporting the program. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, the Oregon Psilocybin Services Section aims to lower prices and expand accessibility, fulfilling their mission of providing safe and transformative experiences for those in need.

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