Milwaukee bar flips promo to offer free drinks for Jets victories

10:46 17.09.2023

In a surprising turn of events, Jack's American Pub in Milwaukee has made a swift decision to alter their highly publicized promotion that rewarded customers with free drinks whenever the New York Jets lost. The change came after Aaron Rodgers, the Jets' newly acquired quarterback, suffered a devastating season-ending injury during Monday night's game against the Buffalo Bills. Now, instead of celebrating the Jets' losses, the bar will be offering complimentary drinks every time the team secures a victory, with rookie quarterback Zach Wilson at the helm.

The bar was bustling with eager fans on Monday night, as they gathered to witness Rodgers' debut with the Jets. Jack's American Pub had tantalized its patrons with the enticing prospect of free drinks should the Jets fall short. However, the atmosphere quickly shifted when Rodgers was forced to leave the game after just four plays with a torn Achilles. Initially, some of the approximately 300 bar-goers even cheered at his departure, assuming that Wilson's historical tendency for turnovers would lead to a Jets defeat.

As the game progressed, the Jets defied all expectations and stunned both fans and critics alike by taking a 16-13 lead in the fourth quarter. A field goal by the Bills' Tyler Bass eventually sent the game into overtime, prolonging the suspense for Jack's customers who had anticipated their free rounds of drinks. To their dismay, the Jets clinched an unexpected comeback victory, leaving those who had already begun celebrating with hefty bills that required immediate payment.

Ryan Cooke, the bar's director of operations, expressed his disappointment at the turn of events. "It was like someone pulled the air out of the balloon," he lamented. The bar had initially relished the attention generated by their provocative promotion, regardless of the game's outcome. Cooke acknowledged the gamble they had taken, stating, "We're hedging our bets, but we wanted to keep this going because we got so much attention heading into Monday's game that we felt it was great - win or lose."

Despite the unexpected financial burden placed on their customers, Jack's American Pub still managed to reap substantial profits that rival those typically seen on a busy weekend night. The bar's decision to capitalize on Rodgers' injury by enticing fans with free drinks ultimately backfired, leaving many patrons with a hangover and a hefty tab to settle.

Looking ahead, the Jets, now led by Wilson, will face the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, aiming to achieve their first 2-0 start since 2015. The pressure is on for Wilson as he steps into the shoes of Rodgers, who had been expected to rejuvenate the team. Whether the Jets can maintain their winning momentum and provide some relief to Jack's customers remains to be seen.

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