Colorado's Travis Hunter Sidelined After Late Hit; LeBron James Offers Support

13:10 17.09.2023

Colorado Buffaloes star wide receiver Travis Hunter was brutally injured during the intense rivalry game against the Colorado State Rams on Saturday night. The incident occurred in the first quarter when Rams defensive back Henry Blackburn delivered a late hit on Hunter, long after the ball had been thrown by Shedeur Sanders. The impact of the hit left Hunter writhing in pain on the field, and he had to be escorted off for further evaluation.

Despite the injury, Hunter displayed incredible determination and returned to the game for a few plays. However, his condition worsened, and he was subsequently taken to the hospital for thorough examination. The absence of their top wide receiver and defensive back posed a significant challenge for the Colorado Buffaloes for the remainder of the game.

Colorado coach Deion Sanders addressed the situation, acknowledging that Hunter would be sidelined for a few weeks. Sanders emphasized the importance of prioritizing Hunter's health over the game itself. Despite Hunter's absence, the Buffaloes managed to rally and secure a hard-fought victory.

Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback for the Buffaloes, played a crucial role in leading his team to victory. In the late stages of the fourth quarter, he orchestrated an impressive 98-yard touchdown drive, which tied the game. Sanders then exhibited his prowess by throwing two touchdown passes in overtime, ultimately clinching a 43-35 victory for the Buffaloes.

The game between the Colorado rivals was marked by intense rivalry and heated exchanges. In the early stages of the fourth quarter, tensions escalated when Henry Blackburn delivered the brutal hit on Travis Hunter. The hit was deemed unnecessary and dirty, prompting backlash on social media. Even LeBron James, a prominent figure in the sports world, took to the X platform (formerly known as Twitter) to express his disapproval of the hit, comparing it to targeting penalties in football.

Following the hit, a scuffle broke out between the teams, leading to pushing and shoving on the field. Shedeur Sanders valiantly defended his teammate, confronting Blackburn face-to-face. The referees penalized Blackburn for unnecessary roughness, further highlighting the severity of his hit.

Interestingly, in the days leading up to the game, Colorado State coach Jay Norvell took a jab at Deion Sanders, who is famous for his signature sunglasses and hat. The tension between the coaches translated onto the field, with both teams engaging in a heated exchange at midfield before the game commenced.

Overall, the game between the Colorado Buffaloes and the Colorado State Rams was a thrilling, albeit contentious, affair. The injury sustained by Travis Hunter undoubtedly cast a shadow over the match, but the resilience and determination displayed by the Buffaloes allowed them to emerge victorious.

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