Auburn Football Coach Helps Students with Impromptu Baptisms at Massive Worship Event

18:48 17.09.2023

More than 200 students at Auburn University in Alabama were baptized in one night after a campus worship program drew a massive crowd. The baptisms took place on Tuesday night in a lake at Auburn's Red Barn venue, which is located near the university's Neville Arena where the Unite Auburn worship event had taken place. The event featured performances by the Christian worship band Passion, as well as speeches by Christian author Jennie Allen and Reverend Jonathan Pokluda, the lead pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas.

Following the Unite Auburn event, one individual expressed a desire to be baptized, but there was no tub available for use. In search of a solution, students gathered at the nearby lake. Auburn Tigers head football coach Hugh Freeze also attended the event and even participated in the baptisms. According to Montgomery-based WSFA, Freeze "got in the water to help." A video taken by Auburn senior Michael Floyd captured Freeze assisting in the baptism of one of the university's football players.

The event, which was witnessed by Auburn senior Kenzie Gay, was described as a beautiful and spiritual experience. Hundreds of college students lined the banks of the lake as they waded into the water one by one to be baptized over a period of two hours. Gay expressed her awe at the genuine joy and sense of peace that filled the air, noting that more students kept arriving from campus to join the crowd.

Mateo Arenas, another Auburn student, also shared his experience, stating that the baptisms were not a planned religious event but rather a result of college students being moved by their desire to follow Jesus. Arenas mentioned the traffic caused by the influx of people wanting to witness the event firsthand, but he felt it was worth it to see people dedicating their lives to Jesus with courage and love.

The baptisms at Auburn University echo a similar spiritual awakening that occurred at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, in February. Asbury University canceled some classes and allowed for a 24/7 prayer as people from across the country gathered on campus to worship for two weeks. The movement began after students refused to leave following a chapel service, and soon the school's chapel was filled with worshippers from all corners of the country.

The baptisms at both Auburn and Asbury Universities highlight the power of faith and the desire for spiritual connection among college students. These events serve as a reminder that organized religion isn't always necessary for individuals to express their devotion and commitment to their beliefs.

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