Florida Man's Murder Charges Lead to 'Cocaine Cookie' Arrest

20:23 17.09.2023

In a shocking turn of events, a Florida man who had been on the run from the police after allegedly committing a murder in a home overrun by squatters has finally been apprehended. Miami police responded to an empty home in the northeast part of the city last Sunday, where they made a grisly discovery - the lifeless body of Lamont Ferguson, a victim of a fatal shooting.

The house where the murder took place is owned by local immigration lawyer, Maria Escandell. However, squatters had taken over the property while she was in the process of renovating it. Escandell recounted the disturbing incident, stating, "Someone broke into the house, they changed the locks and they stayed there like they owned the property. We called the police, we made a report and the police told us not to do anything, to stay away from the property because they needed to investigate."

For three days, law enforcement agencies in the area tirelessly investigated the shooting, searching for any leads that could help them apprehend the perpetrator. Finally, a routine traffic stop for an expired license plate proved to be the break they needed. The driver of the car, 45-year-old Larry March, began behaving nervously during the stop, raising suspicions among the police officers. Upon searching his vehicle, they made a shocking discovery - "cocaine cookies," a machete, and a gun.

While in police custody, a woman who identified herself as March's girlfriend came forward with crucial information. She claimed that March had kidnapped her and admitted to being responsible for Ferguson's killing the previous Sunday. According to the woman's testimony, March had become enraged when he discovered her texting other people, including a coworker. This led to a violent altercation where he allegedly brandished a gun and threatened her life. Eventually, he forced her into his car and repeatedly assaulted her. Miraculously, she managed to escape just hours before March was pulled over for the expired license plate.

The girlfriend further revealed that she had been present in the home overrun by squatters on the day March allegedly murdered Ferguson. She asserted that March shot Ferguson four to five times before they fled the scene together. Police investigators later confirmed that the gun recovered from March's vehicle matched the weapon used in the fatal shooting.

As a result of these damning allegations, March was denied bail and now faces multiple charges, including kidnapping, battery, drug possession, and second-degree murder. The court proceedings have shed light on the terrifying ordeal experienced by March's girlfriend and the tragic loss of Lamont Ferguson's life.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by squatters and the need for proper law enforcement interventions to ensure the safety and security of homeowners and their communities. The investigation into the motive behind the murder and the extent of the squatters' involvement in the incident is still ongoing, as authorities work diligently to bring justice to the victims and their families.

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