Family demands justice after bike-pedaling gunman executes elderly man on NYC street

22:11 18.09.2023

In a shocking and horrifying incident in the Bronx, an 80-year-old man named Marcelino Valerio was shot and killed by a bike-pedaling gunman who had apparently been lying in wait for him. Valerio's daughter, Geraldine Valerio, described her father as unproblematic and "adored by all family and friends." She expressed the family's agony over the incident and emphasized that her father was a healthy and strong individual who was always dedicated to his family.

The incident occurred at around 1:10 a.m. on Sunday, just after Valerio and his wife, Luz Collado, had returned home from attending a Sweet 16 celebration. Surveillance video captured the moment when the masked gunman, dressed in all black, rode up next to Valerio on the sidewalk and shot him twice, including a point-blank shot to the head. The footage also showed Collado, in shock and disbelief, as two women rushed out of a nearby car and desperately sought help.

The motive for the killing remains unknown, and police have not yet identified a suspect. However, Geraldine Valerio asserted that her father did not have any enemies and was known for his calm and generous nature. She expressed her hope that the perpetrator would come forward and face justice for his brutal act.

Geraldine also mentioned that her father, originally from the Dominican Republic, had lived in the Bronx for over a decade and had never expressed concerns about their neighborhood's safety. Valerio was considered the "only man in the house" and was protective of his family. Despite being a homebody, he had attended the Sweet 16 celebration and enjoyed himself, a surprising departure from his usual preference for staying at home.

The attack took place shortly after Valerio and his wife had arrived home. The surveillance footage revealed that the shooter had been waiting for Valerio's arrival, riding past the building before circling back when the car dropped them off. After the shooting, the gunman fled on his bike and has still not been apprehended.

Those who knew Valerio spoke highly of him. A building superintendent from his previous address described him as hard-working and calm, emphasizing that no problems had ever arisen with him. Another worker referred to Valerio as a "marvelous person," highlighting his positive character traits.

The community and Valerio's family are left devastated by this senseless act of violence. They hope that justice will be served and that they can find peace in the memory of a man who was adored by all who knew him.

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