Meet Kristi Noem: Trump's Rumoured Running Mate with a Shotgun-Wielding Granddaughter

07:43 19.09.2023

South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem, is gaining recognition as a prominent Republican figure with aspirations of national leadership. Former President Donald Trump has expressed admiration for Noem, even suggesting that she could potentially be his running mate if he secures the Republican presidential nomination in the upcoming year. Trump commended Noem for her unwavering commitment to American values, referring to her as a warrior for these principles.

Noem, who is 51 years old, has risen through the ranks of the Republican Party by wholeheartedly embracing the party's culture wars. Her staunch conservative stance has resonated with many within the party, solidifying her reputation as a rising star. In an effort to further demonstrate her alignment with conservative ideals, Noem made headlines earlier this year with a speech at the National Rifle Convention.

During her address, Noem proudly announced that her two-year-old granddaughter was already in possession of multiple firearms. She humorously assured the audience, "I wanna reassure you, she already has a shotgun and she already has a rifle and she's got a little pony named Sparkles too. So the girl is set up." This statement drew both applause and criticism, with some viewing it as a celebration of the Second Amendment and others questioning the appropriateness of exposing a young child to firearms at such a tender age.

Noem's rising prominence and alignment with Trump's conservative ideology have caught the attention of the former president. Trump, known for his affinity for strong and outspoken women, has expressed interest in having a woman on his ticket if he decides to run for president again. He specifically pointed to Noem as a potential candidate, highlighting her dedication to American values and her strong political presence.

Though it remains to be seen if Noem will ultimately join forces with Trump as his running mate, her position as a rising Republican star has undeniably garnered attention and speculation. As the Republican presidential nomination draws nearer, the political landscape will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how Noem's career continues to unfold.

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