Deion Sanders denounces death threats against Colorado State safety

22:33 19.09.2023

In a highly anticipated Week 4 matchup, the Colorado Buffaloes will be facing off against the No. 10 Oregon Ducks. However, the Buffaloes' victory in their previous game against the Colorado State Rams came at a steep price. Despite their undefeated record, Colorado lost one of their star players, Travis Hunter, to an illegal hit delivered by Colorado State safety Henry Blackburn during the first half of the game.

The hit was deemed unnecessary roughness by the referees, but to the surprise of many, Blackburn was not ejected from the game. This controversial decision sparked outrage among fans, leading to a series of disturbing events. Blackburn has reportedly been receiving death threats, prompting university police and local authorities to launch an investigation into the matter. Rams' athletic director Joe Parker confirmed these threats and expressed concern for Blackburn's safety.

On Tuesday, Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders addressed the situation and condemned those responsible for the death threats. Sanders acknowledged Blackburn as a talented player who had performed exceptionally well in the game. He defended Blackburn's hit on Hunter, considering it a result of the intensity of the game rather than malicious intent. Sanders emphasized that no player should be subjected to such threats, as Blackburn is striving to achieve his dreams on and off the field.

Unfortunately, the situation escalated further as Blackburn's personal information, including his cellphone number, his mother's contact details, and even his campus and home addresses, were leaked on the internet. Consequently, Blackburn faced a barrage of calls and texts from enraged individuals. Sanders expressed his disappointment at the incident, stressing that football is just a game and that life should continue beyond it. He urged everyone involved to forgive Blackburn for his mistake and move forward.

During the press conference, Sanders provided an update on Hunter's condition, stating that the sophomore had been discharged from the hospital and was recovering at home. Sanders assured everyone that Hunter was doing well and eagerly awaiting his return to the field to resume doing what he does best.

In light of the upcoming game against Oregon, Sanders expressed his support for Blackburn, while also wishing Hunter a speedy recovery. He reiterated that his team does not endorse or coach dirty play, emphasizing the importance of player safety in college football. Sanders disclosed that he personally receives death threats every week, but emphasized that it should not be the norm for young athletes like Blackburn.

While the hit on Hunter resulted in a penalty for Blackburn, many, including NBA superstar LeBron James, questioned why he was not ejected from the game for targeting. Nevertheless, the Colorado Buffaloes emerged victorious in double overtime, defeating the Rams with a final score of 43-35.

As both teams prepare for their Pac-12 play, the focus remains on the welfare of the players involved. The incident serves as a reminder of the intense emotions often associated with sports, emphasizing the need for respect, sportsmanship, and the understanding that threats and violence have no place in the game.

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