Former New York City GOP mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa arrested during Queens protest: report

22:20 20.08.2023

Former Republican nominee for New York City mayor, Curtis Sliwa, was arrested for the second time in a week on Wednesday while protesting against a new migrant tent city in Queens, New York. The city has been struggling to address the surge in migrants being bussed from Texas and provide resources and housing for them. Video footage showed Sliwa and his supporters protesting in front of the Creedmoor Hospital Grounds where the tent shelter was recently built.

Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels, criticized New York City Mayor Eric Adams for his involvement in clearing buildings for the "invasion of illegal immigrants" into NYC neighborhoods. He accused Adams of kicking out elderly occupants of the Midland Beach Senior Citizen Home to house illegal migrants at the Midland Beach Migrant Shelter. In a press release before the event, Sliwa called Adams "despicable."

During his speech at the protest, Sliwa called on attendees to join him in blocking the street as an act of civil disobedience. Many waved American flags and chanted "USA, USA, USA." Sliwa's message centered around prioritizing the needs of Americans and putting migrants and illegals "to the back of the line." He questioned why illegal aliens were allowed to jump the queue and be prioritized over American citizens.

However, Sliwa's protests ultimately led to his arrest, as he and other protestors were handcuffed and placed into a police van. This was the second time Sliwa and his supporters had been arrested over migrant shelters. In a previous protest, Sliwa led a group in front of the Creedmoor Hospital Grounds, where another tent shelter was constructed. He chanted "Have pity. No tent city!" and continued his criticism of Mayor Adams.

The situation in New York City has escalated as over 93,000 migrants have entered the city since spring, according to the mayor's office. Mayor Adams recently stated in a press conference that there is no longer room for migrants to stay in the city and expressed the need to "localize this madness." However, the influx of migrants has led to overcrowding in facilities, such as The Roosevelt Hotel, which has reached full capacity. Disturbing pictures and videos circulated last week showing migrants sleeping outside the hotel, with lines wrapping around the building.

The New York Police Department did not confirm Sliwa's arrest on Wednesday night, and Fox News Digital reached out to Sliwa for comment. As the city continues to grapple with the ongoing migrant crisis, leaders are facing the challenge of providing resources and suitable housing for the thousands of migrants arriving from Texas.

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