Texas National Guard Investigates Cross-Border Shooting Incident, Mexico Demands Action

09:27 01.09.2023

In a stunning incident that has raised concerns about border security and international relations, a Texas National Guard soldier reportedly shot from El Paso, Texas, into Juarez, Mexico, late last month, causing injuries to a Mexican national. Mexican President Andres Manuel L??pez Obrador announced on Thursday that the soldier responsible for the shooting had been suspended, stating that he received a report on the suspension without disclosing the source. L??pez Obrador condemned the incident as a violation of international law and claimed that the soldier had fired in defense of a migrant who was being threatened by the Mexican national.

The identity of the soldier has not been disclosed, and both the Texas National Guard and the Department of Public Safety have yet to comment on the matter. However, U.S. officials, speaking anonymously to The Washington Post, revealed that the guardsmen in El Paso opened fire towards Juarez after allegedly witnessing three men attacking a group of migrants with a knife as they attempted to cross the river. According to an unnamed official, "One of the bandits was trying to stab the migrants, and that's when the National Guard fired."

The person shot, who remains unidentified, claimed to have been practicing sports near the border while a group of migrants was crossing at the time of the incident, according to the Border Network for Human Rights. They were taken to a local hospital in Juarez and subsequently released. The Texas Military Department confirmed the incident, stating, "On the night of 26 August, a National Guard servicemember assigned to Operation Lone Star discharged a weapon in a border-related incident. The incident is under investigation."

Operation Lone Star, led by Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, aims to enhance security along the border. However, this incident has raised questions about the conduct and accountability of National Guard members deployed in the border region. Advocacy groups, including the Border Network for Human Rights, have called for a Department of Justice investigation and urged Governor Abbott to withdraw National Guard members and Department of Public Safety troopers from border communities.

The shooting comes at a time when smuggling activities continue to pose a significant threat to migrants attempting to cross the border. Despite scorching temperatures reaching 118 degrees in the remote Arizona desert, smugglers persist in funneling migrants through treacherous terrain. This incident underscores the dangers faced by migrants and the need for enhanced border security measures to protect their lives.

As investigations into the shooting continue, it remains to be seen what actions will be taken against the Texas National Guard soldier involved. The incident has highlighted the complexities of border security and the delicate balance between protecting national borders and ensuring the safety and security of migrants seeking a better life.

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