Luxury cruise ship with "navigation capabilities" rescued after running aground in Greenland

11:27 14.09.2023

Expedition Cruise Ship Freed After Running Aground in Northeast Greenland

In a surprising turn of events, the Ocean Explorer expedition cruise ship that ran aground in northeast Greenland earlier this week has been successfully freed ahead of schedule. The Joint Arctic Command announced on Thursday morning that the ship had been pulled free by the Natural Institute's fishing research ship TARAJOQ during an early morning operation.

This marked the second attempt at freeing the vessel, as the first effort on Wednesday during high tide proved to be unsuccessful. The command took to Facebook to share the news, stating, "Ocean Explorer has been pulled free this morning by the Natural Institute's fishing research ship TARAJOQ."

The Ocean Explorer has gained attention for being a cruise ship purpose-built for expedition travel to the world's most remote destinations. Its cutting-edge technology and navigation capabilities have made it a popular choice for those seeking unique travel experiences. Aurora Expeditions, the operator of the ship, describes it as accommodating 134 passengers with state-of-the-art amenities.

However, on Tuesday, the ship found itself in a precarious situation when it got stuck in Alpefjord, a part of the Northeast Greenland National Park - the world's largest national park. Despite concerns over the incident, officials assured the public that there was no immediate danger to human life or the environment.

The remote area where the ship ran aground is often referred to as an Arctic Desert due to its extremely low annual rainfall, as highlighted by Greenland travel site Visit Greenland. Fortunately, no damage to the vessel was incurred that could pose a risk to the environment.

While the situation was described as worrisome, the Joint Arctic Command explained that the available units were unable to intervene immediately due to unfavorable weather conditions. They anticipated that the closest ship capable of assisting the Ocean Explorer would arrive no sooner than Friday morning, pending favorable weather.

Despite the delay in rescue, officials assured the public that they were in contact with another cruise ship on standby in case it became necessary. As of Wednesday morning Eastern time, the Ocean Explorer remained grounded, leaving everyone eagerly awaiting its liberation.

The Ocean Explorer, an award-winning Infinity-class vessel, has earned a reputation for its luxurious offerings, including an onboard gym, jacuzzi, lounges, spa, atrium, and library. Aurora Expeditions, the company behind the ship, was proud to provide state-of-the-art amenities to enhance the expedition experience for its passengers.

While the situation remains difficult, officials have gained assurance that the crew and passengers of the Ocean Explorer are in good condition. The Joint Arctic Command shared on Facebook, "The atmosphere on the ship is good, and everyone onboard is fine."

As the news of the ship's freedom from the area spread, no further information regarding the condition of those on board has been disclosed. However, this development brings a sense of relief and optimism amidst a challenging situation.

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