Escaped Pennsylvania killer evades capture with new look

11:14 10.09.2023

Police continue their search for escaped prisoner Danelo Cavalcante, who has been on the run for over a week. Photos released by police on Sunday reveal that Cavalcante has changed his appearance in an attempt to elude capture. The images, captured by security cameras on the front porch of a house, show Cavalcante clean-shaven and wearing a hooded sweatshirt, black baseball cap, green prison pants, and white shoes.

Cavalcante was last seen near the town of Phoenixville, approximately 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia, on Saturday night. He escaped from Chester County Prison on August 31, where he was awaiting transfer to a state prison to serve a life sentence for killing his ex-girlfriend. Pennsylvania State Police have stated that Cavalcante was driving a stolen 2020 white Ford Transit van with a refrigeration unit on top. The public has been urged to contact law enforcement if they have any information regarding Cavalcante's whereabouts.

In addition to his conviction for murder, Cavalcante is also a suspect in a 2017 murder in Brazil, as confirmed by the U.S. Marshals. Since his escape, there have been multiple sightings of Cavalcante, causing local school districts to cancel classes for a day as a precautionary measure. Police have offered a reward of up to $20,000 for any tips that lead to his capture.

Earlier on Sunday, police reported a new sighting of Cavalcante in the northern Chester County area near Phoenixville. They noted that he had changed his appearance once again, now clean-shaven and wearing a yellow or green hooded sweatshirt, a black baseball-style hat, green prison pants, and white shoes. New images, seemingly captured on a Ring camera, were released by the Marshal Service.

Later in the day, it was revealed that Cavalcante was driving a white Ford Transit van, stolen from Baily's Dairy. The escapee managed to slip out of the Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township by stretching himself across the exercise yard walls before climbing to the roof. As a result of the escape, a prison guard who violated policy by having a cellphone in the tower was fired, according to a Chester County spokesperson.

The manhunt for Cavalcante continues, and authorities are expected to hold a news conference later on Sunday to provide updates on the search. As the search intensifies, the public is encouraged to remain vigilant and report any information that may assist in capturing the fugitive.

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