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23:59  Inside equestrian Tatyana Remley's failed engagements before she allegedly placed a $2M ‘hit' on her husband
23:59  In Biden's war on poverty, poverty - especially for kids - is winning
23:59  US federal judge rules revised Daca policy illegal and halts new applications
23:48  Bill Maher says "Real Time" to return, but without writers
23:43  Mom of slain Army vet seeks GOP nod to topple Rep. Jamaal Bowman
23:31  GREG GUTFELD: This country remains the most successful experiment in human governance of all time
23:30  Baby boomer calls out millennials, Gen Z for waging 'war on oldies'
23:29  Goldman Sachs fires executives for violating communications policy: sources
23:27  Elon Musk shares steamy photo of ex Amber Heard dressed as Mercy from ‘Overwatch': ‘It was awesome'
23:25  Escaped killer Danelo Cavalcante finally caught, thanks to dogs and heat-sensing plane
23:25  Selena Gomez faces backlash for her reaction to Chris Brown's VMA nomination
23:19  I'm a former FBI agent - here's the safest room to book at any hotel
23:10  Novak Djokovic's sweet US Open victory a fine rebuke to vax hysterics
23:07  Chuck's sad migrant response: Letters to the Editor - Sept. 14, 2023
22:59  Of course the press will protect Biden on impeachment: It already has
22:59  U.A.W. Prepares for Limited Strike Against Detroit Automakers on Friday
22:51  SEAN HANNITY: It is trouble in paradise for Biden's re-election campaign
22:49  Braves win sixth-straight NL East title; first team to punch ticket to MLB Postseason
22:47  My treasured Cadbury Creme Egg is a 50-year-old family heirloom
22:39  Federal staff recommend first safety rules for infant rockers after deaths stretching back over a decade
22:39  Elon Musk calls for artificial intelligence ‘referee' at closed-door Senate AI summit
22:37  US Senate committee to consider Biden's Republican nominees to FTC
22:36  US judge rules against Biden DACA regulation for 'Dreamer' immigrants
22:36  Ex-Google exec said tech giant pushed for default status in search engine deals at antitrust trial
22:33  White House orders the media to keep sainting Joe Biden
22:33  Super subs: Jets looking for next rags-to-riches QB to win it all
22:30  Draw in 3D with this $49.99 kid-friendly 3D printer pen
22:29  Wheel of Fortune' fans furious after Pat Sajak's final season premieres: ‘Shame!'
22:27  Delta worker accused of stealing $258K in bag from JFK left receipts in getaway car, leading to arrest: feds
22:25  Hunter Biden sues former Trump White House aide over release of private material
22:17  US Senator Schumer: AI meeting discussed urgent actions needed before election
22:16  Idaho judge hears arguments after defense and prosecution in Kohberger case want cameras out of courtroom
22:12  Driver who fatally struck NYC grandma as she pushed 2-year-old girl in stroller hit with charges
22:10  Illegal immigrant charged with murder released by New York police because of paperwork delay: Reports
22:07  Kate Moss and smoking: Experts share how cigarettes can ruin your looks
22:05  U.S. reopens troubled facility for migrant children in Texas amid spike in border arrivals
21:57  LAURA INGRAHAM: The broken promises of marijuana legalization are impossible to ignore
21:55  Chiefs' Chris Jones 'super pleased' with contract but 'would change' holdout approach if given another chance
21:53  Senior US Senate Republican Thune says stop-gap bill will be needed to avoid shutdown
21:47  Republican congresswoman kicked out of musical for 'causing disturbance'
21:46  IRS whistleblower reveals meeting notes: David Weiss 'not the deciding person' in Hunter Biden case
21:43  Parents say American Airlines flight attendant put hidden camera in bathroom to record daughter: 'Disgusting'
21:41  Jennifer Aniston dragged for supporting Drew Barrymore after liking 'scabbing' post about resuming talk show
21:39  My divorce cost me $75K - how I used that bad experience to make money
21:34  California lawmakers pass child sex trafficking bill after stalling from Democratic opposition
21:34  Retired priest pleads not guilty to raping child in New Orleans in the late 70s
21:34  McCarthy Succumbs to Right Wing Pressure, Launches Biden Impeachment Inquiry
21:33  US Judge Declares DACA Illegal Once Again
21:28  Andrew Cuomo? Oh no! Ex-NY gov should not be the one to save us from Biden-Trump
21:23  NY bail laws required most of 30 drug dealers busted on LI for peddling 'tranq,' cocaine and fentanyl to be 'automatically released': DA
21:22  Holistic influencer Samantha Lotus slammed for claiming she can fix eyesight without glasses in $11 masterclass
21:17  Every' Democrat agrees Biden is 'too old to run' for re-election: MSNBC's Joe Scarborough
21:14  Prosecution Rests in Paxton Impeachment, Focusing on Favors
21:14  Murdered the Mean Girls': Barstool podcasters' exit months in the making
21:13  Bills reporter caught on hot mic talking about Stefon Diggs: 'He'll look me right in my face and say F-U'
21:12  Massachusetts National Guard deployed to assist with spiraling migrant crisis as governor calls on White House
21:01  Baker Mayfield's teammate reveals secret advantage QB had over Vikings
20:56  I live in a tent with my husband and 3 kids - we eat dinner on the beach
20:54  Trump can't delay second E. Jean Carroll case, but his appeal is sped up
20:52  White House hopeful Ramaswamy joins Trump in calling for huge government job cuts
20:50  Kaylyn Kyle suspended from MLS Season Pass over ‘careless' Bruce Arena remarks
20:49  If Susanna Gibson's naughty vids don't turn voters off, maybe her lack of common sense will
20:49  White House skewers NYC for having ‘no exit strategy' for migrants
20:44  Federal Judge Again Rules DACA Is Illegal
20:44  Pics of heroic K-9 that tracked down escaped murderer emerge as Danelo Cavalcante is seen barefoot and bloodied
20:43  Hochul rips Biden for stalling on migrant work permits - but doesn't call for Albany action
20:42  Police union leader said woman killed by Seattle officer 'had limited value'
20:37  US House's Bipartisan Measures Target Iran Over Woman's Death, Missile Program
20:31  NYC townhouse with reported ties to late director Elia Kazan asks $6.49M
20:29  Selena Gomez vows she'll 'never be a meme again' after being captured grimacing at Chris Brown VMA nomination
20:26  Charge your devices simultaneously with this 3-in-1 cable, now $24.99
20:26  AOC lists fiance as 'spouse' on disclosures despite not legally being married
20:24  Reward money increases as hunt for escaped D.C. homicide suspect continues
20:23  Mummies From Outer Space? Mexico's Congress Gets a Firsthand Look
20:21  Selena Gomez ‘dragged' after viral Chris Brown, Olivia Rodrigo VMAs reactions
20:20  Mitt Romney says he will not run for re-election and takes swipe at older politicians
20:19  Wearing this item to bed is worse than sleeping in a toilet, experts say
20:18  Designed for younger kids, this electric scooter is just $175
20:16  Senate subpoenas Saudi's $700bn sovereign wealth fund over US dealings
20:14  RHONY' star Jessel Taank hits NYFW, has no regrets about sharing IVF journey
20:13  Google parent Alphabet lays off hundreds - first Big Tech firm to cut jobs this quarter
20:12  Iconic Bruno Steel house in Texas lists for $2M
20:11  Some tickets to see Ringo Starr on tour are only $8
20:09  You can rent or buy the ‘Barbie' movie now on Amazon Prime Video
20:09  Giants' Amani Oruwariye leaves practice facility in ambulance
20:07  Double rainbows and the spiritual meanings behind them: 'A hug from above'
20:06  Alleged mistress of Texas AG Ken Paxton deemed 'unavailable' to take stand at his impeachment trial
20:06  I see 'American Idol' judges in my ultrasound: pregnant woman
20:03  US Military Resumes Drone, Manned Counterterrorism Missions in Niger
20:01  How a makeup artist re-created the ‘Mona Lisa' with potatoes
20:00  Elon Musk says artificial intelligence needs "a referee" after tech titans meet with lawmakers
20:00  Joe Burrow sports new look prompted in part by brutal performance in Bengals' loss
19:54  US Senator Romney Announces He Won't Run for Reelection
19:51  Jets 'have to have hope' moving on from Aaron Rodgers' injury, Bill Parcells says
19:47  Why we can't let Newsom, Weingarten forget their lockdown failures
19:44  Hunter Biden sues ex-Trump White House aide over laptop data
19:43  How Peter Thiel, ‘PayPal Mafia' ousted Elon Musk from CEO job - and saved SpaceX
19:43  4 Former Memphis Police Officers Plead Not Guilty to Rights Charges in Fatal Beating
19:42  Jets Remain Hopeful Amid Uncertainty Around Aaron Rodgers' Injury
19:42  A Fugitive's Capture Brings Relief to a Corner of Pennsylvania
19:42  Impeachment Trial Uncovers Extramarital Affair Scandal of Texas AG Ken Paxton
19:41  Landmark CA bill to ban harmful food chemicals spares Skittles, heads to Gov. Newsom for signing
19:39  DeSantis says he does not support criminalizing women who get abortions
19:38  The Unimaginable Has Happened in Libya
19:34  Diet sodas are no better than sugary drinks for diabetics
19:32  Protesters stage ‘naked' demonstration ahead of London fashion week
19:32  Rep. Lauren Boebert's ‘mystery man' is a Democrat who owns a Colorado bar: report
19:32  US incomes fall for third straight year as inflation outpaces worker raises
19:30  Sad' Oprah Winfrey was shocked over ‘vitriol' Maui fire donation backlash
19:29  Zeus, world's tallest dog, dead at 3 after cancer battle: ‘He brought us so much joy'
19:29  Judge Again Declares US DACA Immigration Program Illegal
19:24  Yes, Ben Affleck freestyles with Ice Spice in new Dunkin' commercial
19:21  Kimora Lee Simmons dishes on feud with Russell at NYFW: ‘Don't abuse my kids'
19:15  CityPickle will open its first permanent location this week - here's where
19:14  Woman spots 'awkward' detail in real estate listing
19:12  'DWTS' pro Sharna Burgess shares which 'difficult' celebrity she couldn't 'be alone in the room with'
19:12  Trans extremists won't listen to reason - we need political action
19:10  Meet Yoda, the dog who helped law enforcement catch Danelo Cavalcante
19:07  NYC boy, 8, struck by stray bullet moments after getting off school bus: cops
19:03  We found tickets to see the Savannah Bananas in Syracuse and Cooperstown
19:00  What Does America Owe the Victims of Racial Terrorism?
19:00  White House called out for letter to media urging 'scrutiny' on Biden impeachment inquiry: 'Outrageous'
19:00  The One Privilege Liberals Ignore
18:57  Testimony of Laura Olson, who allegedly had affair with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, called off at last minute at impeachment trial
18:54  Deion Sanders has no interest in coaching at NFL level, Joel Klatt says
18:51  Should seniors buy long-term care insurance?
18:51  Purdue University dormitory stabbing suspect deemed competent for murder trial
18:50  NBA approves new rules, introduces harsher penalties in latest effort to curb load management
18:49  Biden accused of 'audacious handholding' over letter urging press to investigate Republicans
18:48  Brazilian farmer's giant rooster hobby hatches into profitable business
18:47  The Show' Episode 67: Alex Cora Talks Disappointing Red Sox Season
18:47  Millennial, Gen Z women find partners listening to Joe Rogan's podcast a red flag: poll
18:42  DeSantis calls NAACP's warning about Florida to minorities and LGBT people a "stunt"
18:41  Libyan Flood Survivor Recounts Horror After Dams Burst
18:41  Texas alligator sets sights on Girl Scouts swimming in lake, video shows
18:39  Loyal American Airlines customer now done with carrier after flight home from Paris delayed for 2 days
18:39  Jets owner shares video of Aaron Rodgers carrying American flag with important message for fans
18:36  White House calls impeachment inquiry baseless
18:30  Reds vs. Tigers prediction: Veteran starter will propel Detroit
18:27  House passes bill to improve wildfire prevention accountability after NBC News report
18:21  California bill would lift pay for fast-food workers to $20 an hour
18:20  US Treasury posts August surplus after student loan cost reversal
18:16  Kristin Cavallari is 'done dating' in Nashville following divorce: 'Consider myself to be a monk'
18:15  Rep. Lauren Boebert Is Ejected From 'Beetlejuice' After a Disturbance
18:15  Rapper Sexyy Red has ‘so much fun' at Jets opener with Woody Johnson
18:11  Why Floods Can Turn So Deadly, So Fast
18:11  'AGT' judge Heidi Klum keeps 'complicated' Halloween costume top secret after last year's worm suit
18:10  Robert Saleh would be ‘shocked' if Aaron Rodgers retires as he lays out hopes for this season
18:08  iPhone 15: 4 things the new iPhone can do that your old one can't
18:08  Biden's border bungling is another echo of failed President Jimmy Carter
18:07  Max Scherzer, Rangers' big trade deadline acquisition, likely out for season with injury
18:07  Aaron Rodgers breaks silence since injury: 'I shall rise yet again'
18:06  Christie and the Boss: A One-Sided Jersey Relationship Warms Up (Sort Of)
18:06  McCarthy Reversal on Impeachment Inquiry Reflects Pressure From the Right
18:02  Mitt Romney to retire from US Senate after wild ride through Republican politics
17:58  Why are Republicans launching Biden impeachment inquiry and what's next?
17:58  Arm, the Chip Designer, Raises $4.87 Billion in the Year's Largest I.P.O.
17:56  Biden wants UAW, automakers to work around-the-clock to avert strike
17:53  What do last-minute ‘Merrily We Roll Along' tickets cost?
17:51  Wife of 'El Chapo' released after less than two years in prison for role in drug trafficking empire
17:50  Truck driver kills NYC grandmother pushing stroller, toddler miraculously survives
17:48  Meghan Markle compared to Princess Diana at Invictus Games with Prince Harry
17:47  Carbon monoxide exposure at Vermont school prompts class cancellation, hospitalizations
17:45  Federal judge again declares DACA immigration program unlawful, but allows it to continue
17:41  Giants give positive update on Amani Oruwariye after he injured neck at practice
17:41  NYC vandals smash windows on dozens of subway trains, suspending service
17:37  See IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley's handwritten notes about meeting with U.S. attorney leading Hunter Biden investigation
17:36  Coca-Cola drops new zero-sugar drink created by AI: ‘Taste the future'
17:27  Mary Tyler Moore's widower is ‘ready' to part ways with beloved home years after her death
17:26  I didn't know I was pregnant until I saw a foot sticking out of me
17:21  Judge blocks New Mexico governor's suspension of carrying firearms in public
17:18  Kevin McCarthy Faces His Puppet Master
17:14  Avid fisherman missing after boat found 30 miles off Lake Michigan coast
17:12  My 5-month-old quadruplets have already cost me over $31K - it's been really difficult
17:11  Member of controversial group honored by Dodgers arrested for public lewd act, police say
17:09  Chuck Schumer urges bipartisan AI policy at summit with Musk, Zuckerberg: ‘Congress must play a role'
17:06  Florida Authorities Arrest Undocumented Migrant Under State's New Law
17:03  Every Bedroom Needs Storage. But What if You Don't Have Big Closets?
17:03  California woman set fire to Target as distraction to steal baby formula, police say
17:02  Cryptoqueen' Ruja Ignatova remains a fugitive as her partner in $4B OneCoin fraud gets 20 years
17:02  John Sheeran charged with trying to drown black boy as another teen called him ‘George Floyd'
17:01  Pink sister vs. purple sister' trend divides siblings: ‘It's like an unspoken rule'
17:01  3 easy ways to make money from home now
17:01  Democrats mock Biden impeachment, but it will impact 2024 race
17:00  Judge Tells Trump to Use Secure Facility for Secret Evidence in Documents Case
16:59  Colorado's Deion Sanders Fires Up Team with Personal Motivation, Dominates Nebraska
16:56  Is disability insurance worth it?
16:54  Dems blast Biden admin for efforts to crack down on critical mineral production: 'Hurt the mining industry'
16:49  You can see Disney World's fireworks from this $19.5M Florida mansion
16:47  We found shockingly cheap Peter Gabriel tickets. Get them today
16:37  US House Republican leaders postpone appropriations vote
16:36  Marquee Writers Push for Negotiations, but Their Clout May Not Matter
16:35  When is the second Republican primary debate and who is in it?
16:33  What the Wildfire Stole From One Maui Family
16:28  Never-before-heard audio tapes of Jeffrey Dahmer, father bring new insight into infamous killer's crimes
16:28  Colorado receiving 'so many' recruiting calls after undefeated start; Deion Sanders says 'it's absurd'
16:27  Killer illegal who escaped Pennsylvania jail seen in hospital robe hours after recapture
16:26  Sitting this many hours a day may increase dementia risk: new findings
16:25  Megyn Kelly blasts CNN's Kaitlan Collins for Nancy Mace interview: ‘Probe a little'
16:23  Former Buildings Chief Accused of Trading Favors for $150,000 in Bribes
16:17  Should seniors buy Medicare supplemental insurance?
16:15  The Infitinipro by Conair Curl Secret is 66% off today on Amazon
16:15  AOC lists fiance as her ‘spouse' on House forms - but office says she's not married in likely breach of ethics rules
16:14  Jets coach hopeful amid Aaron Rodgers' uncertainty: 'I'd be shocked if this is the way he's going to go out'
16:12  Witness describes moment escaped Pennsylvania killer was 'just surrounded' by troops
16:09  California law banning gun ads to minors blocked by federal appeals court
16:08  This LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box is 46% off today on Amazon
16:07  Delta, United must face class-action lawsuit alleging conspiracy to drive up airfares
16:02  California Lawmakers Vote to Require Disclosure of Greenhouse Emissions
16:01  Former NBA player Brandon Hunter collapses and dies at age 42
16:00  BetMGM Bonus Code earns $1.5K in most states, $100 in Kentucky with no deposit for Rays-Twins
15:58  Cleaning products, even "green" ones, emit chemicals that may impact health, study finds
15:58  Beyonce, Taylor Swift reporter jobs added by Gannett, America's largest newspaper chain
15:58  Prince Albert of Monaco 'protective' of wife Princess Charlene's struggles despite divorce rumors: expert
15:57  Apple defends iPhone 12 after France halts sales due to high radiation
15:51  Luxury cruise ship charging $33K per person stranded in freezing Arctic
15:50  5 best ways to use a high-yield savings account
15:50  UN special envoy for Sudan resigns, warns of potential 'full-scale civil war'
15:48  Dylan Mulvaney says it would be 'epic' to star in Super Bowl ad following Bud Light backlash
15:45  Prince Harry hates the press. So why is he buying it up?
15:41  Olivia Rodrigo announces 2024 ‘Guts' Tour: Here's how to get tickets now
15:40  Why are home prices so expensive? Blame the boomers, Barclays says
15:39  Judge in documents case lays out rules for Trump's access to classified information in lead-up to trial
15:37  Woman admits to faking car trouble, killing Florida college student who stopped to help her
15:35  Kate Moss looks unrecognizable while smoking a cigarette during lunch outing
15:34  Jamaican man lets down dreadlocks he's been growing for over 40 years: ‘Rasta Rapunzel'
15:28  New Trade-In Program Would Aim to Prevent E-Bike Fires
15:25  Husband of Alaska congresswoman Mary Peltola dies in plane crash
15:24  Police officers posed for a photo with the fugitive after his capture.
15:22  Biden White House pushes back against GOP bill including military pay raise: 'Would veto it'
15:22  At least 56 dead as a fire engulfs a nine-story apartment building in Vietnam's capital Hanoi
15:18  Drug overdose deaths have quadrupled in the past 20 years
15:18  Ex-NFL Media journalist Jim Trotter files racial discrimination lawsuit against league
15:17  Stuffy nose? Common OTC nasal decongestants with phenylephrine don't work in tablet form, experts say
15:13  Carson Wentz makes his free-agency pitch with hunting photo
15:13  Taylor Swift and Beyonce Get Their Own Press Corps
15:12  Growing fury from Maui residents over the direction of early wildfire recovery efforts
15:07  Apple Faces Criticism as France Halts iPhone 12 Sales Over Radiation Concerns
15:06  Decade-long Civil War Leaves Libya Devastated, Floods Unleash Unprecedented Humanitarian Crisis
15:03  5 simple challenges to kickstart your savings
15:02  Tennessee mom vanishes on birthday 'booze cruise'
15:00  An Economic Case Against Environmental Doomsayers
15:00  The Pandemic Was a Time Machine
14:55  France bans iPhone 12 sales over high radiation-emission levels
14:54  Judge Tells Trump to Use Secure Facility for Secret Evidence in Documents Case
14:53  Satellite images show large-scale devastation of Libya's floods
14:52  New Mexico mayor calls for legislative debate after gun ban
14:52  US Republican hardliners heap pressure on McCarthy despite impeachment push
14:52  Gen Z says Millennials are wearing sunglasses wrong: ‘PR nightmare'
14:52  With incandescent light bulbs now banned, one fan has stockpiled 4,826 bulbs to last until he's 100
14:48  Chester County officials say prison security is being bolstered after Cavalcante escape
14:42  6 great times to open a gold IRA
14:42  Standoff Over Electric Vehicle Workers Poses Risk for Biden
14:38  Barbie's sidekick may no longer be 'just Ken' as character becomes a finalist for National Toy Hall of Fame
14:37  Bob Dylan extends 2023 tour adding NY and NJ concerts. Get tickets now
14:34  Drew Barrymore removed as Book Awards host amid strike drama
14:29  Kanye wanted home's windows, electricity removed to make retro bomb shelter, lawsuit says
14:28  Apple users bash new iPhone 15: ‘Innovation died with Steve Jobs'
14:28  Garland to testify at House Judiciary Committee amid probe into DOJ's alleged politicization
14:26  Ex-NYC Buildings Commissioner Eric Ulrich surrenders to DA with Bill O'Reilly book in tow
14:26  Citigroup CEO expected to make job cuts amid sweeping management changes
14:25  All the highlights and surprises from Apple's Wonderlust event
14:25  U.S. Automakers Face a Huge Strike. Here's What to Know.
14:23  Gen Z women are embracing large breasts in latest body positivity trend
14:19  Employees of classified advertisement website Backpage tried to keep ads of prostitution off site, lawyers say
14:15  Simon Cowell's son will 'start at the bottom' if he pursues similar career
14:15  Trump lobbying key Republicans over attempt to impeach Joe Biden
14:15  New Mexico governor should face federal charges for gun control power grab: former prosecutor
14:11  Escaped killer Danelo Cavalcante who 'crab walked' out of prison caught after two-week manhunt
14:10  Georgia slave descendants fight against zoning changes threatening their historic enclave
14:08  Bryan Kohberger, suspect in murders of 4 Idaho college students, wants cameras banned from the courtroom
14:01  The Constitution's disqualification clause and how it's being used to try to prevent Trump from running for president
14:01  Inflation rose in August. Here's what that means for gold investing.
14:01  Surveillance video shows deadly shooting of DC special police officer during training
14:00  Inflation Sped Up as Gas Prices Rose
14:00  College football predictions: A long shot pick to win Big 12
13:58  Heroic bystanders in Berlin lift bus to save trapped man with minor injuries
13:58  Repeat squatter tries to sell victims' house for the SECOND time
13:57  North Carolina GOP at standstill over gambling provisions, further delaying budget plan
13:56  Indonesia battles peatland fires on Sumatra, officials assure limited regional impact
13:54  A Picasso Masterpiece That Visitors Can Finally Photograph
13:50  Marchand and Ourand Podcast' Episode 104: The inside view on ESPN-Charter and The Big Get Marcus Spears
13:43  Mom of escaped killer Danelo Cavalcante defends murders: ‘He had no other choice'
13:42  McCarthy faces threat as US House speaker despite impeachment move
13:42  Minneapolis faces millions in annual costs for compliance with court-ordered policing reforms
13:41  1 dead, 8 in intensive care after botulism outbreak at bar in France
13:41  The Holdovers' review: The year's warmest movie
13:41  Escaped Pennsylvania killer Danelo Cavalcante captured after almost 2 weeks on the run
13:36  UFO expert displays supposed 'non-human' alien corpses in Mexico's Congress: ‘We are not alone'
13:35  Hawaii's Kilauea volcano spews lava fountains as lake of molten rock lights up night, video shows
13:35  US declares public health emergency in Georgia after Hurricane Idalia
13:34  What the inflation increase means for CDs, savings accounts
13:32  Little Spoon launches build-it-yourself Lunchers for kids: Here's the 411
13:25  Escaped convict Danelo Cavalcante captured after nearly two weeks of manhunt
13:24  How to fight back against debit card hackers who are after your money
13:17  Pablo Picasso painting that depicts his mistress expected to sell for $120 million at auction
13:15  Former NYC buildings official to turn himself in on indictment linked to Eric Adams campaign donors: reports
13:15  Professor's Controversial Remarks on Sexual Consent Lead to Campus Ban
13:13  Did you know you can use Apple AirTag with your Android phone?
13:11  New Hampshire shuts down gambit to block Trump from primary ballot, snubs DNC election calendar
13:08  US EPA launches major recycling initiative with $100 million in grants
13:07  US Consumer Prices Accelerated in August
13:05  Teen's hands, feet amputated after 'flu-like symptoms'
13:04  Michigan deputy hospitalized with head injury following struggle with suspect
13:02  My Disabled Colleague Is Struggling at Work. Am I Responsible for Her Care?
13:02  What the new inflation report means for mortgages (and what to do about it)
13:01  Pennsylvania fugitive captured after two weeks on the run
12:59  Colorado's Deion Sanders gives electric pregame speech before beating Nebraska: 'It's personal'
12:57  Kevin McCarthy's Impeachment Gambit: 'A Dubious Mission in Search of a Crime'
12:55  Bodycam shows Seattle cop joking about "limited value" of woman killed by police cruiser. He claims he was misunderstood.
12:47  School district takes teachers union to court for wave of absences that forced school closures
12:44  US inflation climbs more than expected in August as gas prices surge
12:42  Family looks to flee Minnesota home a week after moving amid crime wave, deadly shooting
12:36  Norwegian princess to marry amulet-wielding American shaman who teaches cancer is a choice
12:34  Escaped fugitive Danelo Cavalcante caught after two-week manhunt
12:32  Economic Impact of an Auto Strike Could Be Felt Nationwide
12:28  Republican demands Congress vote on Pentagon abortion policy: 'We are not a communist country'
12:21  Congress Needs to Show Samuel Alito and the Supreme Court Who's Boss
12:20  The Giants' gamble on offensive line stability may cost them big this season
12:17  Justin Timberlake and Megan Thee Stallion appear to feud at the VMAs
12:13  Be well: Stop grinding your teeth for better dental health
12:11  Rep. Mary Peltola's husband dies after plane crash in Alaska
12:03  Serial killer and former police officer who murdered 6 dies after decades on death row
12:00  Dem DA staffer who praised Farrakhan, made antisemitic remark still on payroll months after being put on leave
11:56  How the Apple iPhone 15 price compares with all previous iPhones
11:56  Wisconsin GOP leader creates panel to probe criteria for impeachment against liberal state Supreme Court justice
11:55  Social Security recipients will soon learn their cost-of-living adjustment. Here's what to expect.
11:50  Researcher shows bodies of purported "non-human" beings to Mexican congress at UFO hearing
11:46  Fox News AI Newsletter: Tech giants including Musk, Zuckerberg, to descend on Capitol Hill for AI forum
11:42  A Professor's Remarks on Sexual Consent Stir Controversy. Now He's Banned From Campus.
11:42  A Professor's Remarks on Sexual Consent Stir Controversy. Now He's Banned From Campus.
11:41  Bernie Taupin says he and Elton John will make more music: "Plans afoot to go in the studio very soon"
11:40  What this Jets disaster could mean for Aaron Rodgers' agenda in 2024 - and beyond
11:33  "Element of surprise": Authorities reveal details of escaped murderer Danelo Cavalcante's capture
11:27  Royal family banned from 175-year-old hunting tradition after being kicked off estate
11:24  LoveShackFancy founder Rebecca Hessel Cohen's ultimate girl vibe guide
11:24  Drew Barrymore ousted as National Book Awards host for defying strikes
11:23  Schumer to Lead Senate Delegation to Ease China Tensions
11:23  Mom who refused to get an abortion after brain cancer diagnosis has now been given less than a year to live
11:22  Kelly and Mark' host Mark Consuelos on his hot-guy essentials
11:20  Urgent care for mental health: How a Maryland clinic is helping thousands of patients
11:19  Goals! Soccer style is trending - here's how to get the look
11:18  The art of picking the ultimate luxury Maldives resort
11:16  Shania Twain on music, menopause and loving her body ‘more now than ever'
11:12  Schumer to Lead Senate Delegation to China Amid Tensions
11:10  I Drink Alcohol Regularly. What Can I Do to Mitigate the Risks?
11:03  We must make work-from-home federal bureaucrats accountable to Americans
11:02  'Days of Wine and Roses' Musical to Open on Broadway This Winter
11:00  What Can Turmeric Actually Do for Your Health?
11:00  The Zach Wilson era is here : Separating the reality from the spin
10:59  American Eagle parent company sues San Francisco mall for allowing 'gun violence', 'robberies'
10:52  Libya flooding presents "unprecedented humanitarian crisis" after decade of civil war left it vulnerable
10:43  Shuttered nuclear plant in Michigan comes a step closer to reopening following new purchase agreement
10:42  Journalist presents Mexican Congress with alleged 'non-human alien corpses' at UFO hearing: 'We are not alone'
10:40  Hurricane Lee threatens New England with tropical-storm-force winds, dangerous surf over weekend
10:35  GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert, mystery man ejected from ‘Beetlejuice' musical after ‘causing a disturbance'
10:32  NFLPA executive director pushes for natural grass playing surfaces after Aaron Rodgers' Achilles tear
10:32  House Speaker McCarthy Launches Impeachment Inquiry, Trump Rallies GOP for Biden's Impeachment
10:31  Experts predict interest rate forecast for CD and savings accounts in 2024
10:31  It takes guts to interrupt a president. But Jean-Pierre isn't your average press secretary: she's a Vogue star
10:27  Steve Harvey slams incessant affair rumors: 'You're not going to split us up'
10:25  NASA rover generates oxygen out of unbreathable Mars air in red planet breakthrough
10:25  Savings account interest rate forecast: What experts predict for this year, 2024
10:14  Escaped Murderer Danelo Cavalcante Has Been Captured, Pennsylvania Police Say
10:10  This Easy Vegetarian Pasta Is Full of Brilliant Hacks
10:10  A Fashion Show at Anna Delvey's House? Is That What It Takes?
10:00  Chicago teachers union boss picks better school for her son, but not yours
10:00  Santa Fe authorities capture moose that wandered through downtown
09:54  Morocco's Quake Zone Now Fears for Its Livelihood, Too
09:51  'Unhappy Hour': U.K. Pub Chains Adopt Surge Pricing for Pints
09:43  When is the second Republican candidate debate? Start time and how to watch
09:30  Georgia man almost lost leg to a brown recluse spider bite. What to know about symptoms that can cause "excruciating pain."
09:29  Chinese aircraft carrier, jets holding drills in the Pacific, says Taiwan
09:28  California lawmakers approve banning certain chemicals in foods, drinks
09:28  Was Rex Heuermann's wife sleeping next to the Long Island serial killer?
09:28  Finding 'Ghost Collaborators' for an All-American Ballet
09:27  Johnny Depp reveals who stayed loyal through his tough times: 'I will forever be in their debt'
09:23  House to open Biden impeachment inquiry, Kevin McCarthy says
09:15  Biden's Climate Law Is Reshaping Private Investment in the United States
09:08  It's a Spider, Not a Doctor, Captain or Vulcan
09:04  Cruise ship that touts its "navigation capabilities" runs aground in Greenland with more than 200 onboard
09:00  I Am Dating a Student's Newly Separated Father. When Do We Spill?
08:58  Palestinian leader Abbas draws sharp rebuke for "reprehensible" Holocaust remarks, but colleagues back him
08:45  Prison escapee Danelo Cavalcante captured after 2-week manhunt, Pennsylvania police say
08:40  Zach Wilson's mom expresses her displeasure after Jets QB gets hit with water bottle
08:32  Inflation rose in August amid higher prices at the pump
08:29  Virginia legislative candidate who livestreamed sex videos draws support from women: "It's a hit job"
08:25  Hundreds of prisoners in Bahrain suspend monthlong hunger strike as crown prince visits US
08:24  Syrians attempting to illegally enter Lebanon injured in land mine explosion
08:20  From 'Data Dumping' to 'Webbing': How Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Sells Misleading Ideas
08:19  NASCAR reinstates Noah Gragson after liking George Floyd meme; driver says he's a 'better person'
08:18  Alabama walk-on football player arrested on second-degree sodomy charge
08:15  'Olive branches, victory signs': How Oslo Accords failed the Palestinians
08:15  Novak Djokovic says he was never 'anti-vax': 'I was always pro-freedom to choose'
08:14  Mosquitos, feared for spreading dengue, now being bred to fight the disease
08:12  Bray Wyatt's fiancee posts touching tribute to late wrestler: 'I miss the love of my life so much it hurts'
08:11  Republican Voters Split Over Trump's Decision to Avoid Primary Debates
08:00  Dethroned pageant queen alleges she was raped, forced into explicit video in lawsuit against Pornhub
08:00  No One Wants to Be a Teacher Anymore. Can You Blame Them?
07:53  Divers Save Baby Shark Trapped in Work Glove off Rhode Island Coast
07:52  Discover Apple's Latest: iPhone 15 and AirPods Plus Price Comparison
07:42  Scuba-diving couple rescues baby shark caught in work glove at bottom of the ocean off Rhode Island
07:38  Former NYC buildings official to turn himself in on indictment linked to Eric Adams campaign donors: reports
07:33  Man busted for scheme to collect wife's pension after gruesome find in freezer
07:29  Ariana Grande chokes back tears as she admits to 'a ton of lip filler and Botox'
07:24  Matthew McConaughey credits Jay Leno for teaching him patience
07:19  Meghan Markle joins Prince Harry at Invictus Games
07:16  Danelo Cavalcante manhunt: Armed killer still believed to be in rural Pennsylvania as schools remain closed
07:14  New Mexico governor, AG, both Democrats, clash over her monthlong ban on carrying guns in Albuquerque
07:00  Jennifer Granholm's team deserved having police called on it for blocking electric charging station: car guru
07:00  Biden's climate act to cut US emissions by 2030 by 35-43% -EPA
07:00  Dear Abby: My brother-in-law sent me a nude
06:48  Man sentenced to probation after his newlywed wife recorded fight that ended with her being found dead near Busch Stadium
06:45  Yankees' Carlos Rodon recovers from rough start in solid outing
06:26  Florida DoorDash driver caught spitting on food order by doorbell camera
06:23  Jets' Robert Saleh questions doubters writing team's 'obituary' amid Aaron Rodgers injury
06:17  Ex-NBA forward Brandon Hunter dead at 42
06:17  Micah Parsons advises Giants on protecting their quarterback
06:17  "Mystery" body found in Arizona in 1996 identified as veteran from Los Angeles area
06:16  Taylor Swift dominates 2023 MTV Video Music Awards with 5 memorable moments
06:13  Struggling starter Alek Manoah refused to report to Triple-A after Blue Jays sent him down: reports
06:12  Buck Showalter not thinking about future after Mets' David Stearns hire
06:03  Jets head coach dismisses notion that MetLife Stadium turf caused Aaron Rodgers' injury
06:00  A New Covid Shot for a New Covid Era
06:00  Steven Tyler postpones Aerosmith shows: Frontman faces years of injury, rehab and sexual assault accusations
06:00  First on Fox: Ron DeSantis-aligned super PAC Never Back Down knocks on 2 millionth door
06:00  The Battle to Save Marilyn Monroe's Last Home
06:00  Why the CDC recommends everyone get the new COVID vaccine booster for fall 2023
06:00  Rightwing women's group slammed for keynote address by 'misogynist' Trump
05:58  Rep. Lauren Boebert says she was removed from "Beetlejuice" performance at Denver theater
05:45  Today's Top News: The Deadly Floods in Libya, and More
05:29  Luxe Suits, Spanish Art: Eric Adams' Ex-Adviser Eric Ulrich Busted for Bribery
05:28  55-year-old Virginia hiker dies attempting grueling 24-mile Rim-to-Rim hike at Grand Canyon
05:19  VMAs 2023: From Taylor Swift's fangirling to that *NSYNC reunion, here are the best and worst moments
05:17  Shark bites surfer in the face off Florida's New Smyrna Beach
05:15  Tennesse man pleads guilty to threatening Little Caesars worker with AK-47 over wait for pizza
05:05  Everything you need to know about Apple's new iPhone 15 and AirPods
05:04  Trump Has Been Privately Encouraging G.O.P. Lawmakers to Impeach Biden
05:04  What We Know About the Deadly Floods in Libya
05:04  A Who's Who of Silicon Valley Will Convene With Lawmakers on A.I.
05:03  A Viable Alternative to Conventional Lawn? Cornell May Have Found One.
05:03  A Hidden Reason Cities Fall Apart
05:03  Worker strikes are surging. Strains of technology may be to blame in part.
05:03  'Wrestlers' Is Greg Whiteley's Latest Underdog Tale
05:03  2024's Field of Nightmares
05:03  A Spectacular Marble Cube Rises at Ground Zero
05:02  How Yotam Ottolenghi Was Seduced by Soba Noodles
05:02  A Fashion Designer Who 'Chose Crazy'
05:02  The C.D.C. Director Explains Why You Should Get the Latest Covid Booster
05:02  'When You Follow the Money, What Do You Find?' and Other Questions About Trump
05:02  To Know Yourself, Consider Your Doppelg?¤nger
05:02  Why Artists Can't Quit Cigarettes
05:01  The Many Roles of Pros in Golf Architecture
05:01  Michael Cunningham Couldn't Help but Write a Pandemic Novel
05:01  Nick Faldo Is Home on the Range(s)
05:01  'Mexikid' and 'Salsa Magic' Drive Latino Kids to Their Roots
05:00  Aubrey Plaza Has Found Her Scene Partner
05:00  Woman, 94, crosses US to see sister, 90, possibly for last time: 'Don't say goodbye!'
05:00  'Treason:' New Mexico governor should have been 'arrested on the spot,' former Democrat says
05:00  This Is the Particular Brilliance of Rosh Hashana
04:58  Ex-Met prospect Pete-Crow Armstrong shows off defense for Cubs in first MLB start
04:56  California lawmakers approve bill prohibiting book bans by school districts; Newsom expected to sign
04:39  Controversial Seattle Cop Laughs Off Tragic Crash That Killed Woman
04:38  Surfer's face bitten by shark at popular Florida beach
04:30  America's 'most extreme' gun control law heads to court
04:14  DeSantis needles Trump, Biden over their ages: 'Legitimate concern'
04:12  Armed bystander stops attempted robbery at Georgia fast-food joint
04:11  Novak Djokovic says he was ‘never anti-vax' despite not getting COVID shot
04:03  Iran's president gives ominous warning to protesters on eve of Mahsa Amini's arrest anniversary: 'We know what will happen to them'
04:00  Jill Duggar says toxic relationship with Jim Bob destroyed by reality show, treatment of pedophile brother
04:00  'Argentine Trump' leads in presidential race as inflation drives voter rage
04:00  Joe Biden could destroy our auto industry
04:00  NFL legend Joe Theismann talks Aaron Rodgers injury, Zach Wilson's chance to shine
03:53  Dexter Lawrence: ‘Embarrassed' Giants angry after Cowboys shellacking
03:35  USA Today publisher Gannett seeks ‘Taylor Swift reporter' after hundreds of layoffs in recent years
03:34  Taylor Swift dominates 2023 MTV Video Music Awards
03:18  Did Megan Thee Stallion yell at Justin Timberlake backstage at the VMAs?
03:16  Yankees sweep doubleheader from Red Sox to move back over .500
03:14  NHL not ruling out third expansion attempt for Atlanta
03:13  Doja Cat's web-inspired naked dress at VMAs snags mixed reaction: ‘This is just vulgar'
03:05  Powerball winner Edwin Castro splurges on new $47M LA mansion in latest lavish purchase after $2B win
03:02  Mike Williams, ex-NFL wide receiver, dies at 36 after construction site accident
03:01  DeSantis Worries About Trump and Biden's Ages
03:00  Oberlin College coach reassigned over stance on trans athletes, says new role has 'no contact with students'
03:00  Behold: New York City's Trash Can of the Future
02:58  Dems hang on to Assembly seat in Queens special election dominated by migrant crisis
02:53  Ex-WFAN host Joe Benigno: Jets still can win division without Aaron Rodgers: ‘You watch'
02:51  63-year-old man struck by 7 train in Times Square
02:49  I'm a pooping expert - here's what to do when you want to go immediately
02:36  Olivia Rodrigo confuses Selena Gomez and more with intentional VMAs stage malfunction
02:32  Nicki Minaj sends warning to rap foes at VMAs: ‘You bitches ain't better than me'
02:28  Ronny Mauricio belts first major league homer in Mets' win over Diamondbacks
02:24  Five former US policemen charged in Tyre Nichols beating death
02:00  'Feel-good measure': Google to require visible disclosure in political ads using AI for images and audio
02:00  Biden just quietly created the largest student debt handout program in U.S. history
01:59  NSYNC came together in style at VMAs for the first time in 10 years
01:57  Ex-NFL Media journalist Jim Trotter suing league for racial discrimination
01:54  Shakira performs greatest hits medley - and accepts VMAs Vanguard Award
01:54  American Eagle sues Westfield for letting iconic San Francisco mall 'deteriorate into disarray,' allowing crime to run rampant
01:52  MTV Video Music Awards: 5 Memorable Moments
01:52  Max Scherzer exits critical Rangers start early with injury
01:47  Host Nicki Minaj owns the 2023 VMAs red carpet in pink, bridal-inspired couture
01:42  I breastfeed my husband to spend more quality time together - our marriage is stronger than ever
01:40  FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried loses bid for release ahead of trial
01:40  Pilot, 82, vanishes in home-built plane after taking off from Michigan airport doing ‘routine flight': cops
01:36  Marjorie Taylor Greene says Biden impeachment inquiry will 'expose the truth'
01:28  Florida man, 72, dies while surfing in Daytona Beach as rip currents churn
01:25  Cardi B rocks 2023 VMAs red carpet in silver Dilara Findikoglu hair clip dress
01:20  8-year-old NYC boy shot in the leg, 2 persons of interest in custody: NYPD
01:15  FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried denied pretrial release after a month in custody
01:15  New Jersey star Jaiden Glover the latest St. John's coup for Rick Pitino
01:14  Secret Service Agent's Revelation Challenges JFK Assassination Theories
00:58  Modi Wants to Make India a Chip-Making Superpower. Can He?
00:55  Cursed' painting with ‘creepy aura' purchased for $25 resells for $2K
00:53  Mysterious yellow line on I-95 in Florida confuses motorists - and cars with driver-assistance tech
00:44  Matthew McConaughey gives Joy Behar a ‘dad' foot massage on ‘The View'
00:44  Los Angeles names intersection in memory of woman who sparked Iran protests
00:43  At Least 50 Casualties in Vietnam Apartment Block Fire, Officials Say
00:41  Man dies after eating raw oysters as fears grow over lethal bacteria spread by hurricanes
00:38  Homeowners narrowly escape lightning strike after 300-million-volt bolt hits house's chimney
00:28  5 former Memphis police officers charged with federal civil rights violations in beating death of Tyre Nichols
00:28  Taylor Swift sobs as NSYNC reunites at the MTV VMAs 2023
00:27  Woman killed in freak accident when runaway tire smashes through windshield
00:21  GREG GUTFELD: Harassing women is now considered diversity
00:19  Chiefs star Travis Kelce ‘quietly hanging out' with Taylor Swift: report
00:12  Pregnant woman with brain cancer refuses abortion: 'Killing my baby wouldn't have saved me'
00:02  Ex-NYC buildings commish Eric Ulrich set to surrender on bribery, mob charges
  VMAs 2023 winners: Complete list with nominees
  An Israeli TV Channel for Netanyahu Fans Rapidly Gains Influence

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